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Grabit Cell Phone Chargers

MyCoolCell has you covered when it comes to stylish cellphone cases and accessories, but we also need to look at the functional side of your devices. If your iPhone 4, 5 or 5S needs a charge, for example, Grabit is here to supply you with the best power supplies in the industry. MyCoolCell is proud to stock their products to keep you powered up and on-the-go in this busy world.

Start with the basics from Grabit with a home charger and car charger.

You may feel that purchasing both is overkill, but a device seems to run out of charge at the worst moments. Select a 1.0 amp single USB charger to use when you're at home. Charge your Apple iPhone 3G, 4S or 5C with these versatile products.

Add a 2.0 amp dual USB charger to your car. Keep that iPad or iPod charged with two ports available as you drive along. Plug in any 30 pin or 8 pin lightning cable into the charger as you connect your

older iPhone 3GS or newer iPad.

MyCoolCell even stocks a micro USB premium travel charger for phones as varied as the Samsung Galaxy S4, S5 and Note 3. The travel charger offers smart charging technology which shuts the power off to the device when it detects a full charge. This feature protects both the charger and device from overcharging and heat issues.

Grabit's innovative 3.1 amp dual USB car charger offers enough current to charge two

devices at once. Without sufficient current, the charger can only charge one device with its rapid powering feature. Attach an iPad and a cellphone to this charger, for example, to see how fast the charge takes hold.

MyCoolCell only partners with the best accessory makers in the business. Grabit has a durable and reliable charging product that keeps all devices working for hours. You'll feel confident when charging with Grabit.