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Kingston Memory Cards and Readers

MyCoolCell understands that your smartphone is much more than a communication device. You take photos and videos with amazing speed, but there must be a way to store and transfer them at some point. We offer a huge selection of adapter accessories by Kingston to make your digital life easier as you move data onto your home computer or external hard drive.

Our micro SD cards are available in a Class 4 package with the standard SD card.

You'll have two flash memory cards to use in your smartphone, digital camera or tablet. Select from all the major memory quantities, including 4GB, 8GB, 16GB or 32GB. These durable cards are handy to swap out in a hurry, so purchasing a spare package for backup is essential.

A unique device that Kingston offers is the SDHC / SDXC flash reader. This compact device uses an extendable connector to fit into any USB 2.0 port. Simply place your

memory card in the device to transfer data lightning fast. Kingston's reader makes it possible for you to move data from your cards without wearing down a device's battery. With a busy world waiting for you, it is helpful to know that you can swap out cards and allow the reader to work while you head to work or school.

Kingston also supplies all their loyal customers with USB flash drives, called DataTraveler 101. The USB connector is

protected by a strong, swivel cover that slides swiftly away when data is needed. Load pictures or video from your home computer onto a friend's computer, for example. There is no need to email files between computers, possibly corrupting the data.

At MyCoolCell, we work hard with our partners to find and stock the very best in accessory products. Kingston's quality reputation and stellar components make them a force you want on your side.