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Luxmo Cell Phone Accessories

Luxmo is one of the top cell accessory brands that provides distinct beauty within each case design. MyCoolCell is proud to work with Luxmo to stock all of your favorite accessories, from pouches to holders. Whether you have an HTC Thunderbolt or a Samsung Note 3, you are sure to find a perfect fit with Luxmo's products.

For a sleek and glamorous look, pick up Crystal Skin cases to outfit your Blackberry 8330 or Alcatel Ot800. With a full diamond design decorating the back housing, your device shines brightly during everyday travels. There is even a tinted design that truly makes an impact.

Each skin is made of durable TPU, or thermoplastic polyurethane. Using a mixture of plastic and silicone, you have a case that lasts for years with barely any scrapes to point out. Each case slides around your phone with ease, but remains in place without any slippage.

Luxmo's skins don't just stop there. There are dozens of different colors, patterns and designs to choose from. One of the most unique designs is the 3D multi dog paw. The case appears to be playfully engraved with cute dog paws pressing outward from your Apple iPhone 5. Available in pink, smoke or purple, this cover

certainly makes a statement.

MyCoolCell knows you want an eclectic selection for your 5S or 5C. Try a hybrid case with a studded diamond look. This ornate case truly envelops your phone, keeping it safe from drops and damage. There are even hybrid cases that integrate a stand to keep you hands-free. Luxmo has thought of everything when designing their cases.

Whether you are looking for padded leather or a criss-cross design, Luxmo's products work on almost all popular devices, including the Galaxy S3, HTC Incredible 2 and iPhone 4. Some models even have holsters providing you with an

instant connection point. Slip your 4S on your hip, for example, if you don't have a pocket or bag to carry it. You'll always know where it is for instant access.

Look for Luxmo's XBOOST power case to charge your phone using the case as a connection point. Even pick up travel or car chargers to complete your device's needs with Luxmo's quality. MyCoolCell stocks all of their products for your convenience.

From outfitting your S4 to an HTC HD7, Luxmo provides an amazing array of products, including a chrome case. Be part of their stylish world and find a case today to complete your look.