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MyBat Cell Phone Accessories

Out of all MyCoolCell's trusted partners, MyBat is a manufacturer that prides itself on covering almost every aspect of a cellphone's needs, from protective skins to decorative charms. When MyCoolCell and MyBat work together, we offer you the very best protection and everyday versatility for phones, including Samsung Galaxy S5, Apple iPhone 5S and LG G2.

Keep your S3 or S4 charged on-the-go with travel chargers. Plug the charger into a standard cigarette lighter and you are ready to have a fully charged device in no time. If your batteries have seen better days, MyBat even provides replacement

batteries for almost any device. Your phone will feel brand new as its charge lasts for much longer than in day's past.

MyBat also makes stylish cases, pouches and holders to protect you investment. With colors as varied as white and dark blue, you'll find a perfect match for your device. The cover is often an extension of your style and personality, so choose wisely.

Look for screen shields to protect your iPhone 4, 5, or iPad. Those crisp front displays need protection from everyday scratches and cracks. Nothing is worse than staring through a distorted display to read a text or email.

MyBat provides the best quality shields that feel natural to the touch.

Keep your 4S or 5C handy with holsters by MyBat. They hang on your hip with quality you can feel. There is no chance of dropping the device accidentally when entering or exiting the car.

Whether you have an HTC One Max T6, LG G Flex or HTC Incredible, MyBat has hands-free earpieces for you. Listen to your music privately or simply make a phone call while driving. Many states have laws against using the phone at the ear during driving. Keep universal earpieces nearby for that urgent call.

MyBat even offers data cables for all your favorite devices. Hook your Note 3 to your computer to transfer pictures and videos, for example. Unless you have a spare flash card, a full memory only means that you miss out on the next great picture at a party or event. Keep your data cables ready for transfer once a week to clear out device memory space consistently.

Visit MyCoolCell's MyBat page to discover all their innovative items. From functional items to stylish cases, you'll find all the accessories necessary to stay on-the-go. Your phone will last for years as a pristine device when protected by MyBat.