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zNitro Screen Protectors

You may have placed screen shield films on your Apple iPad Mini, LG G2 or Note 3 before, but they can be difficult to install and clearly see through at times. At MyCoolCell, we know that you need more choices when it comes to protecting your iPad Air, iPhone 4 or Note 2. zNitro is a leader in front display protection using glass as its weapon against device cracks and scrapes.

zNitro manufactures tempered glass screen protectors. These crystal clear shields adhere directly onto your Samsung Galaxy S3, iPad or iPhone 5. Although you may be wary about using glass as a protective measure, zNitro has thoroughly

tested their products using hammers. They are fully scratch resistant, making your front display view perfect at any angle.

Whether you have an S4, 4S or 5C, zNitro has taken each device's shape into consideration when designing the tempered glass. When you browse MyCoolCell's inventory, you'll find that some zNitro screen protectors have a perimeter color, including green, white or black. Match your device's color to zNitro's glass or select a complementing color to make your S5 or 5S stand out from the crowd.

zNitro understands that installation can be difficult for standard protectors. Their product is

easily affixed in a dust-free environment. Although they are not meant for reuse, you can remove the glass over time without leaving a frustrating adhesive film on the device's front display. If you want to trade in or sell your device in a few years, zNitro's protector will keep the original glass pristine for a high value.

MyCoolCell works closely with zNitro to find a smart alternative to their classic clear protector. Look for their privacy products to keep your information safe. When you are on-the-go, people may be closely seated around you, such as on a subway or bus. If you are inputting a password,

or even a status update, others can see and possibly steal your information. With identity theft on the rise, zNitro provides you with a subtle way to keep your screen difficult to read. Tinted glass prevents views from the sides, making your screen appear black to others. This screen protector is priceless when it comes to protecting your personal information.

Take a look at MyCoolCell's huge selection of zNitro tempered glass. You'll be amazed at the products' quality and color tone across the perimeter. With a smooth surface, the glass provides a natural feeling as you tap and swipe the device.