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U.S. Cellular

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  • Apple iPad Air

  • Apple iPad Mini

  • Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display

  • Apple iPhone 4 / 4S

  • Apple iPhone 5 / 5S

  • Apple iPhone 5C

  • Apple iPhone 6 / 6S

  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus / 6S Plus

  • Apple iPhone 7

  • Apple iPhone 7 Plus

  • Apple iPhone 8

  • Apple iPhone 8 Plus

  • Apple iPhone SE

  • Apple iPhone X

  • BlackBerry 8530 Curve

  • Huawei Ascend Y

  • LG G Flex 2

  • LG G3

  • LG G4

  • LG G5

  • LG G6

  • LG K8

  • LG Logos

  • LG UN160 Envoy II

  • LG US730 Splendor

  • Motorola Electrify M

  • Motorola Google Nexus 6

  • Motorola Moto E4

  • Motorola Moto G

  • Motorola Moto G (3rd Generation)

  • Motorola Moto G5 Plus / Moto X (2017)

  • Motorola Moto X

  • Motorola Moto X 2nd Generation

  • Samsung G530 Galaxy Grand Prime

  • Samsung G860P Galaxy S5 Sport

  • Samsung Galaxy J3

  • Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) / J7 Perx / J7 Sky Pro

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8

  • Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

  • Samsung Galaxy S3 S III US Cellular

  • Samsung Galaxy S4

  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

  • Samsung Galaxy S5

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

  • Samsung Galaxy S6

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

  • Samsung Galaxy S7

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

  • Samsung Galaxy S8

  • Samsung Galaxy S8+

  • Samsung i500 Mesmerize

  • Samsung I930 ATIV Odyssey

  • Samsung N7100 Galaxy Note 2

  • Samsung N9000 Galaxy Note 3

  • Samsung R480C Freeform 5

  • Samsung R830 Galaxy Axiom

  • ZTE Imperial Max

US Cellular Phone Accessories

Founded in 1983, US Cellular has continually improved its cell phone provider position with millions of satisfied customers. With dozens of available phones, including the ATIV Odyssey, HTC Merge and Samsung Axiom, US Cellular also offers 4G LTE access for lightning speed device downloads. MyCoolCell is proud to partner with US Cellular with hot accessories to spice up all your devices, even the Apple iPad Air or Mini. MyCoolCell's huge inventory selection starts with inventive covers by Luxmo, Zizo and Ballistic. Your phone will have no unsightly cracks or scratches with these strong cases and skins. Even protect your iPhone 5S or 5C with a Naztech or Krussel waterproof case.

Puddles and rain are no match for these technologically-advanced covers that keep all your crucial housing crevices protected.

Go even further with your protection coverage using pouches for your Motorola Moto X, ZTE Director or Samsung Galaxy S3. You can choose from traditional black pouches or products with sports team logos. Your personality and loyalty shine through with MyCoolCell's eclectic pouch collection.

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to read your display with a huge crack or scratch across the center. Protect your phone,

such as the iPhone 4S, with screen protectors by zNitro. With actual glass as the film, your display is crystal clear for the life of the phone.

MyCoolCell also carries a large selection of universal products, from speakers to headphones. Hook your Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini to Bluetooth speakers as you turn up your favorite tunes. Even a Kyocera Hydro XTRM can be attached to headphones for private listening of a conversation or song. Your options are endless with MyCoolCell's inventory.

With our top partner manufacturers, including Trident, Evogue and Van.D, you are sure to find the best accessories for your Galaxy Mega, S4 or Kyocera DuraPro. We even

supply batteries and chargers for all your power needs. Don't be left with a device that doesn't power up, such as the Samsung Repp, Note 3 or S4.

Try holsters by MyBat for your devices as well. With your phone on your hip, it is always at arm's length for those important calls. It will never drop to the ground with its sturdy construction.

MyCoolCell provides functional accessories for all your favorite devices, including the LG Freedom, Optimus F7, and Envoy 2. Look for top accessory makers, such as Incipio and Grabit, to find the perfect accessory match for your US Cellular device, from the ZTE Render to Imperial.