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Cell Phone Charms

Go from ordinary to the extraordinary with MyCoolCell's huge inventory of cellphone charms. You may have the cases, chargers, batteries and holsters for your favorite devices, but the iTouch, iPhone or iPad could be missing something. With MyBat innovation backing each product, MyCoolCell is proud to carry an eclectic line of gorgeous chain and pendant charms.

One of the easiest ways to affix your new charm is using its cap plug feature. Most devices have a universal

3.5mm audio port. Many of MyCoolCell's charms fit perfectly into these ports when not in use. You'll find that the decorative charm acts as a dust cap. Air particulates, and other fine debris, often find their way into cellphone ports, effectively damaging internal components over time. Charms have functional value along with style.

Hello Kitty is one of the most popular cartoon characters around, so MyCoolCell makes sure that you can have your kitty cat on your phone

with jewelry stickers. With a bedazzled appearance, Hello Kitty stickers come in white or pink. With a cute heart sticker to complement her face, she'll be by your side all day.

Button stickers are catching on like wildfire. For many smartphones and tablets, there is a main home button prominently displayed on the front housing. Decorate that button with stickers in almost any pattern imaginable. From mustaches to polka dots, your button will always look new and daring.

Stickers are available in 6-packs, so select several button patterns to change the device's look each week or month.

MyCoolCell has charms and decorative items for almost any phone model. If your phone cannot use a charm hanging from the headphone port, there may be an open ringlet or connection point on the device. Our charms are versatile enough to wrap around any permanent connection point. Allow us to make your device a unique piece of art with charm products.