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Cell Phone Holders

Holding onto your Galaxy S5 or iPad all day long is tiresome, but you don't want to lose your coveted device. Holders are a perfect accompaniment to your device, allowing you to use the front display without cradling it in your arms 24 hours a day. These versatile accessories have come a long way, from basic plastic designs to unique rubber suction strategies. Browse through MyCoolCell's huge holder inventory to find the best match for your device, including iPhone and HTC One M8.

As a best value in holders, the suction kick stand holder looks out-of-this-world. Resembling a doorknob standing on end, this holder uses a simple suction cup attached to the device's back housing. The spherical end props the device up, keeping it securely in place with no possibility of falling or damaging it.

Alternatively, try classic holders as a desk stand. Bracketron and MyBat provide both transparent and black holders to make your desk look professional and

stylish. Simply lay the device on the holder and start your project without misplacing your phone. MyBat even offers an anti-skid holder for more versatility, holding the phone horizontally or vertically in a moment's notice.

Try a universal car mount holder by Luxmo. These holders are mandatory for field employees, from salesmen to contractors. Sturdy connection points keep the holder in place as the device remains safe from bumps and dips on the road. Even a tablet

fits into these holders. For those bumpy road trips, try a pressure-absorbing model. The vehicle may be shaking, but the device stays attached and free from excessive movement in the holder.

Holders keep your devices safe and easily accessed on busy work days. MyCoolCell encourages you to look around and select an accessory that works for your lifestyle. With quality accessory makers, including Arkon, you can find the best holder to protect your investment.