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Cell Phone Holster Combos

Misplacing your Blackberry Bold, Galaxy Nexus or Huawei Mercury is frustrating, especially if it happens consistently. At MyCoolCell, we know you need to be productive all the time. To easily find your iTouch or Motorola Droid 3, consider a holster combo. These accessories clip onto your hip, with a protective case, holding the device in place and ready for the next networking moment. Take a look at the huge inventory we have for a perfect holster combo match today.

With high-quality holster manufacturers, including MyBat, Luxmo and PureGear, your Motorola Droid Razr HD or Blackberry Curve is always at your side. Each holster is specifically designed to conform to the device's shape and ports. The capture design ensures that the device doesn't slip out of the holster, making it possible for you to pull it out quickly without a struggle. MyCoolCell knows that a tough holster will simply be discarded. You'll never be frustrated with these models.

Find a colorful holster for your LG Marquee, Samsung Galaxy S3 or Apple iPhone 5. Many of MyCoolCell's partners have vibrant accessory colors that add style to this functional item. Although many people prefer black holsters for an elegant look, you can always find a more unique color for weekend fun, from hot pink to blue.

The key to a strong holster is the clip. Holding your HTC Droid DNA, ZTE Warp or 4S takes some strength. Clips need to move with your hip to prevent drops

and cracked holsters. With devices ranging in size and weight, such as the HTC One X, 5S or LG Optimus L9, you need MyCoolCell's quality accessories to keep your device close.

MyCoolCell's holster combos keep your HTC 8XT, 5C and ZTE X500 safe on a daily basis. With some of the best accessory makers in the industry, such as Zizo, you know you have a quality brand in holster workmanship.