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Cell Phone Memory

Every smartphone and tablet uses internal memory cards to hold voice memos, photos and video. At MyCoolCell, we know that you essentially need unlimited memory for your device. Aside from a full battery charge, ample memory is the next priority for gadget-lovers. Browse through our huge selection of memory cards and flash drives to keep your device running strong through any eventful day.

Kingston is a high-quality manufacturer of memory accessories, including the USB 2.0

micro SD SDHC card reader adapter. Store and move data among different devices to share it with others or protect it from damage. Although memory cards are reliable, electronic failures can occur at times. Transfer files for safekeeping.

Select class 4 Micro SD and standard SD cards in a variety of gigabytes. A larger gigabyte value indicates more memory. Kingston offers memory with great versatility for every user, including 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB.

MyCoolCell provides you with combination packages to meet all your device needs. Devices vary in their memory card type, either a Micro SD or SD. Evaluate your device to select the right card. You may need one of each if you have several phones, tablets or digital cameras.

Directly connect your Apple product to a computer for instant downloading using the i-FlashDrive HD 8GB w/ 30 pin connector. It plugs directly into the data port with an open USB connector on the opposite side. There is

no need to search for a cable or hope the device is charged. You can even select an i-FlashDrive HD 16GB w/ 30 pin connector for even more memory power.

While you stock up on device accessories, pick up a basic flash drive to move files between computers. MyCoolCell understands that electronic platforms must have some compatibility between them to make data transfer easier. Consider your memory needs today and select your next card or card reader from our quality inventory.