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Amazon Accessories

Almost every Kindle owner will immediately tell you, "I love my Kindle." The Kindle Fire, though not quite as robust as an iPad or an Android tablet, is nevertheless an excellent device for people who want to use a tablet computer principally for entertainment.

Kindle Fires have the advantage of being far less expensive than other tablet computers. The starting Kindle Fire price is $159, compared to a starting price for the iPad of about $500. The Kindle Fire product family is diverse enough that users can choose higher-end products for about $400, but inexpensive enough at lower ends that Fires are affordable for nearly everyone.

Even though $159 isn't too expensive for a high-tech product like a Kindle Fire, it's still expensive enough that owners naturally have

a wish to protect their investment with Amazon accessories for the Kindle Fire. Here are a few suggestions from MyCoolCell.

The first investment a new Kindle Fire owner should make is in an LCD screen protector for the Kindle Fire. A screen protector does more than protect an LCD touchscreen against fingerprints, dust and dirt. While it does help the screen stand up to those types of day-to-day abuses, the more important reason to get an LCD screen protector is to guard the sensitive touchscreen against scratches.

Scratching a touchscreen is easier to accomplish than you might imagine. All it takes is a drop, a set of keys floating loose with a Kindle Fire or some other momentary lapse of good thinking to add a permanent scratch to the LCD screen. With the scratch

in place, reading books and watching movies on the Kindle Fire will be forever marred. Fixing the scratch is challenging and expensive enough that you may as well buy a new device. Such a frustrating experience can be easily circumvented by applying an LCD screen protector for the Kindle Fire.

The second important investment that a Kindle Fire owner should make is a protector case. Protective cases for the Kindle Fire are essential for anyone who plans to take the device any further than the bedroom to the living room.

There are fans of "naked" devices who will tell you that a case interferes with the natural aesthetic beauty of a tablet computer. These individuals will also go on to tell you that a case isn't really necessary; given that most LCD screens are made

with toughened glass, they say, all but the most severe of drops are easily survived by the device.

With apologies to Amazon, that's just not true. There are plenty of horror stories online of people who bought a brand new device, such as a smartphone, an iPad or a Kindle Fire, only to immediately break or crack the screen of the device by dropping it or through some other accident. Therefore, invest in a good case for your Kindle Fire as soon as you order it.

You can find all the accessories you need for the Amazon Kindle Fire at MyCoolCell. You'll find that our prices are reasonable and competitive. Once you start shopping for mobile device accessories at MyCoolCell, you'll quickly realize that we can be your one-stop-shop for all your mobile device accessory needs.