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Google Nexus Accessories

Do you remember those old commercials for Apple that featured a stodgy old guy, who represented PCs, and a young hip guy, who represented the Mac? In those commercials, the Mac was the young upstart; the PC was The Establishment.

Years later, with Apple dominating the tablet market with its iPad, a similar commercial could be made pitting the iPad against the Google Nexus. The only question is, who's "The Establishment" in that commercial? Google is working hard to convince potential tablet buyers that the Google Nexus is the hip upstart; the iPad is a part of the past.

Without a doubt, the Google Nexus has come a long way. Still priced lower than the iPad, the Nexus nevertheless has many of the same features. Some consumers would

probably make this argument: The Google Nexus does everything an iPad can do and has almost as many apps available to it, but the Nexus is anywhere from $100 to $200 less expensive than the iPad. The choice is obvious, isn't it?

Once you've decided in your personal Tablet War that the Google Nexus should win out over the iPad, your next task will be finding the right Nexus accessories to improve the protection and functionality of your new device. After all, even though the Nexus is less expensive than an iPad, that doesn't mean you want to have to buy it all over again due to some careless accident.

The two Nexus accessories you'll need for protecting your device are an LCD screen protector and a tablet case. The screen protector

guards your Nexus screen against scratches. A scratch may not seem like a big deal at first; we are all familiar with the saying, "It's just a scratch." When it comes to an LCD screen, however, a scratch means the difference between enjoying a movie you watch on your tablet and being annoyed at the scratch, shifting the tablet this way and that to minimize the scratch the whole time you watch.

The second basic Nexus accessory you'll need for protecting your device is a case. Again, a case is one of those things that doesn't seem that important until the day that you knock your Nexus off your nightstand or drop it as you run to catch a train. As you fumble with your Nexus, the speed of the world will gear down into slow motion and you

will watch your precious tablet crash onto the ground. Whether you breathe a sigh of relief next or curse at your own clumsiness will all depend on whether or not you have invested in a Nexus case.

LCD screens and cases aren't the only Nexus accessories we have at MyCoolCell. We have these accessories and many others for all types of mobile devices. Many households these days have a tablet computer, a Kindle and a smartphone; some households have several of each. Instead of shopping in three different places for three different mobile devices, find everything you need for your gadgets at MyCoolCell. You'll find that our prices are reasonable and competitive, and you'll also discover that we carry the best brands on the market.